My Anti-acne Skin Care Routine | 2019

By Trucelyn Falejo - July 05, 2019

Last September 2018, I noticed I'm having pimples, I know it is normal especially for girls were pimples are showing before and after our period.  At first, I thought it is just normal then it is getting many and get worst.

It becomes a dilemma since I have sensitive skin. It gets easily become dark spot which it takes weeks or months or longer before brightens. It annoys me and I am ashamed of it. For a while, I stop doing a selfie and posting it. If I did, it is because of the help of makeup or editor. 

So, I did my own researched and watched many videos about it. I realized that when I am getting older, I should pay attention to take care of my skin. I'm not getting younger but...becoming more lady (not old. HAHAHA). Learning and testing is a long process because there are hundreds or thousands of products in the market and it is overwhelming so I need to be careful which one I will use. I tried different products, some are harsh to my skin though they help me. I also tried those 'set products' both Korean and local brands. I'm not focusing on the whitening products but on products that will help me to brighten my pimple scars, moisturizing (yes, my skin is dry type) and mild for my sensitive skin. I started with mild and hypo-allergenic products and then I end up with the one that best for my skin.

So here is the list of the products that help me to get rid of adult breakouts:


Sleeping with makeup on and face not properly cleaned will only make it worse. So I make sure that I wash my face thoroughly before I go to bed. I used  Pond's Acne Clear facial foam to clean and wash away dirt. I don't rub my face to dry but gently tap it. 


To make sure there's no excess makeup, I used Pond's Acne Clear - Pore conditioning toner to clean my face. And I let my face absorb it before doing the next step.  (If I forget to buy Pond's toner I replace it with Silka facial cleanser. I finished it first before going back to Pond's)


This is what I don't do before but now I don't miss any day without moisturizing my face day and night, or before putting makeup. I used celeteque hydration facial moisturizer every morning and at night I used Petroleum Jelly. I massage my face upward or circular for about 1-2 minutes to make sure my skin absorbs it. If I'm too sleepy and tired, I used celeteque. 

If I don't have any plans to do and just stay at home I moisturize my face with petroleum jelly or the human nature sunflower beauty oil or coconut oil all day. 


I used Pond's white beauty day cream in the morning. If it is a regular day or has a meeting that no need to put makeup, I just put Pond's cream. 

LET IT REST. I don't put makeup everyday. Most of the time I just put Pond's cream and tint on. That's it, to allow my skin to have a deep breathed especially when I will stay at home. 

HYDRATE. I drink a lot of water at least 2 liters a day to get rid of the toxins and hydrate. I make this habit and I noticed that my skin glows when I drink enough water.


Because I have insomnia I struggle getting enough sleep so I need the help of vitamins with iron. Amazingly I found vitamins that will not help me get to sleep but also give me extra glow. I drink poten-cee 1000mg which has collagen production for healthy skin. 

Using these products help my skin improved than how it looks before and it brightens my pimple scar a lot better. 

REMIND YOURSELF. Yes, remind yourself that you are BEAUTIFUL and LOVE yourself if you do your body will own it.

I keep in mind that I have to..I need to do this routine every night before going to sleep and no excuses. 

So here is my skincare routine. What about you? What is your skincare routine? share them below. 

 I hope you like this article and help you if you are having issues with pimples too. You can also share this with your friends who have the same battle as me. 

DISCLAIMER: Products are not sponsored. These are really what I used. 

Have a great day beautiful! 

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  1. Good job for looking after your skin!!

  2. I went through this too!!! I did learn that I was not properly washing my makeup off before bed at night and it was causing buildup = unfriendly acne. So after that, I developed a full removal routine and many of my problems went away. Loved this post!